A Solution for Your Bar Coding Needs From Barcode Professional

Bar Code Fonts vs. Barcode Professional

You may think that you can achieve the same objectives by using bar code fonts. To some extent, you can. However, this tool provides a few features that you cannot get from bar code fonts.

When transferring documents that include bar code fonts, the target PC will also need to have the bar code fonts installed. With Barcode Professional, however, the target PC needn’t have them installed.

Bar code fonts do not provide formats like rotating. Barcode Professional does.

Some scenarios of high precision printing are not supported by using bar code fonts. Barcode Professional supports DPI/resolution for high precision printing. For example, read this FAQ about a need for the bar code to fit a given size.

What’s New in Version 3.0?

One major change that I observed is the introduction of new bar code symbologies, identified in the table above.

Here are a few other new features:

  • Bearer bars support for 2 of 5, Code 128, and UCC.EAN 128 bar codes.
  • Light margin indicator for EAN/UPC bar code symbologies.
  • Bar code image generation through GetBarcodeImage class method.
  • All bar code-related dimensions such as width and height, quiet zones, margins, etc. are now specified and measured in inches when used with SSRS 2000 and Local Reports RDLC.
  • Black and white 1 bit per pixel bar code image support.
  • DPI support.
  • Bar code centered image support.
  • Enhanced bar code symbology documentation.
  • Enhanced GIF generation by using the quantification process.
  • Enhanced design-time support by including a bar code builder. This feature is only available for Visual Studio 2005 or SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio.

Enhancements Needed

There are a few bar code symbologies not included in this tool, as identified in the table above.


Barcode Professional is tailor-made to meet your bar code needs. There are not many tools of this type available, even less that support SQL Server Reporting Services. This tool allows you to leverage the features of bar code and SSRS. Download Barcode Professional for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and experience the benefits. The trial version is fully functional and has no expiry date. The only limitation is that a TRIAL legend will appear on the generated bar code images.


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