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In today’s development environments, team members can be located in several geographical areas. In such an environment it is essential for team members to communicate with one another when database changes are made. Normally, these changes are passed on via the organization’s intranet. If you do not have a tool to generate HTML files from the databases, it will be difficult to pass on this information. DB Documentor lets you generate documents in HTML format for just such a purpose.

HTML documentation.

Although DB Documentor doesn’t have a built in feature to schedule the generation of reports, it does have full command line support so you can schedule a document to be generated using the built in Windows task scheduler, or integrate it as part of a build/deployment process.

Currently, you can save projects for later use, but a Project Explorer that provides the ability to sort and search is needed.


Document databases in HTML or Microsoft compiled help (CHM) format.

Document multiple databases in one file.

Choose the objects and properties you want to document in a simple visual manner.

Save documentation projects for later use.


The main support channel is via online support forums that are monitored by Elzaris’ engineering team. They will answer your questions directly. You must be registered to post questions on the forums.

You may also e-mail support directly if you are in urgent need of help.

The first year of maintenance is included in the price of the product. This means that you will receive free product updates and bug fixes during the first year.

Installation and Configuration

Installation is simple and standard. It took around 5 minutes to install. The free Microsoft HTML Help Control needs to be installed in order to display compiled help files.


DB Documentor has created a tool that addresses a common issue that most DB developers face. You’ll like how easy and quickly it can be used, and the familiar Microsoft MSDN style documentation.

To find out if this product is right for you, download the 15-day evaluation version and try it out for yourself.


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