Inside Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

Inside Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
by Ron Soukup and Kalen Delaney
Copyright 1999
Microsoft Press

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I’ll begin by saying that this book is a “must-have” for all DBAs, beginner and experienced alike.

This book provides the best reference available on how SQL Server works internally, although not every possible topic is covered. Learning about how SQL Server works underneath the covers is important to all DBAs striving to optimize their SQL Servers.

While the book covers the whole range of SQL Server topics, the main features of interest to DBAs interested in performance tuning include the sections on SQL Server architecture and performance tuning. Some of the book’s sections of interest include:

  • Architectural Overview

  • Planning for and Installing SQL Server

  • Optimizing Query Performance

  • Configuration and Performance Monitoring

Although I highly recommend this book, it is not for the beginning DBA. If you are new to SQL Server, you will want to read a beginning book first, such as Practical Microsoft SQL Server 7. Once you have mastered the basics first, then you are ready for this “must-have” book.


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