Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Performance Tuning Technical Reference

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Performance Tuning Technical Reference
by Steve Adrien DeLuca and others
Copyright 2000
Microsoft Press

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Performance Tuning Technical Reference. Find out more about this book,
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As far as I know, this is the only book available on the market that exclusively covers how to performance tune SQL Server 7.0. Because of this, I highly recommend that you add it to your library. Although not a perfect book, it is very good and should belong in your “must-have” library.

The books covers most facets of SQL Server optimization, with its weakest area being Transact-SQL tuning, although the topic is covered. Chapters of interest include:

  • Performance Tuning, Capacity Planning, and Sizing Overview

  • SQL Server 7.0 Architecture

  • Understanding the I/O Subsystem and RAID

  • Tuning SQL Server

  • Monitoring Performance with Enterprise Manager and the Performance Monitor

  • Using SQL Server Profiler

  • Modeling for Sizing and Capacity Planning

  • Online Transaction Processing Systems

  • Tuning Replicated Systems

  • High-Performance Backup and Recovery

  • Using SQL Server Query Analyzer

  • Tuning SQL Statements and Stored Procedures

  • Using and Tuning Indexes

The book is easy to read and is not overly technical. Beginning DBAs should be able to follow most of the book with little problem. Once you purchase this book, I think you will find that you return to it over and over again.


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