OfficeWriter for SQL Server Reporting Services

If you want to install ASP.NET samples to use under OfficeWriter, you must select .NET solution option in order to install the samples.

Otherwise you will see the screen below:

Automatic and Manual Installation

Installing OfficeWriter on a server is bit different compared to on the client. When you choose to run the automatic installer for OfficeWriter, copies of the OfficeWriter Assistant CAB files are placed in several locations on the server.

  1. The product’s program folder.
    Default location: “C:Program”
  2. The root of the samples directories for ExcelWriter and WordWriter (so the samples which use OfficeWriter Assistant will run correctly).
    Default location: “C:Program FilesSoftArtisansOfficeWriterdoc-samples[ExcelWriter or WordWriter]”

The DLLs are not registered on the server during the automatic installation because the objects do not need to be instantiated on the server. The DLLs are required for registration on any client machine that browses the OfficeWriter Assistant as samples on the server.

Manual installation of the OfficeWriter Assistant works as a client-side control, so there is no need to register the DLLs on the server. The DLLs are distributed to client machines in a CAB file format which is downloaded to the client by means of an <OBJECT> tag embedded in an HTML page.

Using the automatic installation, the screens guide the user to install OfficeWriter designer on the client, but you first need to close all Microsoft Office applications and double-click on Installer.exe file to follow the on-screen instructions.

MS Query is a part of Microsoft Office, but may not be installed by default. To install MS Query, you need the Office Installation CD ready and follow:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel
  2. Open the Data menu
  3. Select Import External Data à New Database query

Then you will be prompted to install MS Query and follow the on-screen illustration to complete the installation.

When used for the first time, Internet Explorer will prompt the user to install the ActiveX component in the browser with a security dialog. If accepted, then only the OfficeWriter Assistant will be installed.


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