OfficeWriter for SQL Server Reporting Services


SQL Server Reporting Services allows users to deliver report content in the format of their own choice, but you need to use the subscription feature that is included with Reporting Services.

SQL Server Reporting Services Report Manager includes a My Subscriptions page that organizes all of your subscriptions into one place. You can use My Subscriptions to view, modify, and delete existing subscriptions. However, you cannot use it to create subscriptions.

Within My Subscriptions, you can sort subscriptions by folder, report, description, trigger, last run, or status. All values are sorted alphabetically except for Last Run, which is in chronological order.

My Subscriptions shows only the subscriptions that you create. It does not list subscriptions that are owned by other users, even if you are added as a subscriber to those subscriptions. Data-driven subscriptions that a report administrator defines for you are also not represented here.

After creating reports with the OfficeWriter Designer there is no need to switch back from Microsoft Office to a browser to generate reports. In Reporting Services, the new parameters-support enables the user to create a spreadsheet with parameterized queries. After compilation of reports, the user can browse and execute reports from Reporting Services servers right into Excel or Word format, which adds full support from Microsoft Office to existing .RDL files.

The parameterization with OfficeWriter and Reporting Services allows the user to filter the data returned by a database query and display a subset of data in the report.

The compliance of OfficeWriter RDL files with Microsoft RDL schema enhances the user feature to edit the generated report in Visual Studio, format tables and text boxes with report definitions from existing reports. However you must preserve the tables defined in the generated RDL, all custom tags and data source names with field names.


The main advantage of using OfficeWriter instead of Microsoft Office as a server-side web reporting application is that it opens and manages Excel spreadsheets or Word documents on the server faster and more efficiently. You can see a significant performance gain when the document or spreadsheet is viewed by multiple users on a server wide network. There is no requirement of client license for usage of Microsoft Office products on server side, where you need only one license for OfficeWriter from the vendor to work out reports in extranets or intranets.

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