How to view properties when trying to view the same index details in SQL Server Management Studio ?


I’m able to add and edit Indexes using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) successfully, but unable to view properties when trying to view the same index details in SSMS. How to resolve this problem? 

The user can view database.table.index properties using SQL Server Management Studio without any issue if that user has the privilege to perform such a task. But it is not possible to view an index’s properties if the database designer or table designed is opened at the same time. 

The reason behind this behaviour is that both the database and table designers use the state of tables including index properties to match the internal model of database engine. Reconciling the state on the server to the state in the model can “undo” any change made outside the designer environment.  For example, if you open the table designer in one instance of Management Studio and make a change (say, add a column) and at the same time change an index on that table using another instance of Management Studio, when the user saves the changes in the table designer, it will recreate the index with its previous definition (with a warning) because the old index is what the table designer loaded into its internal model when it launched.


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