Get an Edge with SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

The user can preview the pages before clicking the OK button. The print job is routed through the client and rendered on the Report Server to the selected printer.

Print Layout

Parameter Definition

SRSS allows parameters to have multi-value definitions. Thus, instead of defining four parameters for the four designs of your product, you can assign four values to just one parameter. Default values can also be set.

Multi-valued Parameters

Developers have the convenience of passing multiple parameters through programs using URL access, or the Web Services API. Once the values are decided, the processing engine constructs the appropriate SQL or MSX syntax.

Custom Report Items

Companies sometimes require additional functions in a report in order to achieve their objectives. SSRS makes this possible through the facility of server controls known as Custom Report Items. These add-on controls can be bound to datasets to provide extra features that are not available in the built-in controls.

Custom Report Items


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