A First Look at SSW SQL Auditor

Next, you can select rules that you want enforced in the database. Relevant information on the rule can be obtained from the URL which is displayed in the dialog box. Upon clicking the link, you are taken to the relevant place on the SSW Website.

In the next step, the results are displayed. You can view the problems and the good practices which have already implemented. Once again, further information can be viewed from the SSW web site, if desired.

By clicking the Problems column, you can view the details of any problems found.

As all the reports are in Crystal Report format, and include valuable features like saving, mailing, printing, exporting, searching and navigation.

By clicking the SQL button, user can generate necessary SQL scripts to fix any problems found by the software.

If you like, you can go directly go to the Query Analyzer and execute the scripts. The most important thing about these scripts is that they are written in a comprehensive way. These scripts address all the issues that you will need to overcome when altering a table. For example, if a column type needs to change from nvarchar to varchar, the scripts are written so that it first drops all the constraints which are associated with the column, changes the column types, and recreates all the constrains again.


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