A First Look at SSW SQL Auditor

The Options dialog (below) gives you an opportunity for you to define the standards. From this, you can define standard columns that need to be included in the tables, date validation rules, and naming conventions.

Nice to Have Features

Currently, there is no option for users to save settings. If you need to audit different databases on different servers, you must reenter the configuration information again and again. In addition, some times there can be occasions where settings need to be different from database to database. In this case, there should be an option to save settings for each database. If you could save the setting with a meaningful name that can executed later, it would save a lot of effort and time.

In addition, it would be useful if there were an option to allow you to view when the saved settings were last run. From such a feature, you could get an idea whether the audit needs to be run again. It would also be much better if help were provided locally, instead of only on the Internet. Currently, you have to go to the SSW web site for further information.


Support is playing vital part when it comes to selection of products. SSW has several support options. When an error occurs, you can directly send an email to the SSW with the explanation of the error.

In addition, there is a knowledge base section on the web site you can use to gain in-depth knowledge of the product.

Update Service

Any software needs to be updated with time. However, this should be done with minimum of hassles. Like most of the latest products, SSQ SQL Auditor has an Update service.

The update service automatically checks the SSW site and will update your system.



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