Package SQL Server Databases As If They Were Programs, with SQL Packager

If you also want to include data in your package, from this screen, you can choose which tables will be packaged. If you don’t want to include any data, it is easy to leave out of your package.

Once you have specified the schema and data to include in the tables, the scripts necessary to recreate the schema and data are created, which you can view here. Above, you see the schema code. If you like, it can be modified before it is included in your package.

Above, you can see the data script that was created. Like the schema code, you can change it if you want.

And the last screen is a summary of all the tasks that will be performed by the package when it is run.

The next to the last step is to decide if you want to create an executable or a C# project. In my case, I chose an executable.


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