Package SQL Server Databases As If They Were Programs, with SQL Packager

And here’s the very last screen. You need to give the executable a name and specify where you want it. Once you click on Finish, the executable is quickly produced and is ready to run.

When you run the executable you created, there is only one screen, which you see below:

Here, you specify on what server you want the database created, your authentication, and the name you want to give the database. After selecting Run, the database is quickly installed and is ready to use.

Yes, there are some more advanced options I have not discussed in this article, so if you are interested in a feature that I did not cover, you need to check out the product directly.

Is SQL Packager Right for You?

If you have a need to easily and quickly roll out databases, then you should seriously consider SQL Packager a try. And the best way to find out if this clever utility is for you is to download a free trial copy from Red-Gate software today.


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