SQL Server Clustering FAQs (All)

We are unable to install SQL Server 2005 on additional node on top existing cluster setup running Windows 2003 x64 bit operating system? What is the usage of the WITNESS instance in SQL Server 2005 Database Mirroring? What are the specific tasks assigned to System Administrator (SA)role in SQL Server? How can I disable or rename SA account in SQL Server 2005? How to view properties when trying to view the same index details in SQL Server Management Studio ? How to hide databases in SQL Server Management Studio from unauthorised users? How to allow access to non sysadmin users to view status of sysadmin owned scheduled jobs? I am trying to backup my databases from my clustered shared array to a local disk, but I can’t see the local disk when I run the Backup Wizard. Why? Is it advisable to run both Terminal Services (application mode) and SQL Server on the same cluster together? I have a question on how to uninstall a SQL Server 2000 instance installation from a Windows 2000 cluster. I am having a problem installing an Active/Active SQL Server cluster. Does a SQL Server cluster support load balancing? We have a SQL Server 2000 cluster. I have been trying to get SQLMail to work with it, but have failed. What am I doing wrong? We are planning a new SQL cluster. We intend to have the two servers separated by 100 meters. Will the cluster’s shared disk array be a single point of failure for us? How do I change the IP addresses of clustered SQL Servers? What are the implications of server clustering on replication? How do you restore the master database on a SQL Server cluster? Is clustering, log shipping, or replication the best option for high SQL Server availability? Is it possible for both nodes in a SQL Server cluster to open up the same .MDF & .LDF file on the shared array simultaneously? How can I create a cluster out of two independent SQL Server boxes? How do I deal with a SQL Server cluster that is not acting properly? We have five SQL Servers and want to not only upgrade, but to cluster these servers as well. How do I restore a Master Database in a SQL Server 7.0 or 2000 clustering environment? ]]>

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