SQL Server General DBA FAQs (All)

Import Data Using SSIS from an Excel Workbook which has Dynamic Sheets Using SSIS
invoke-sqlcmd Not Recognized
ORDER BY behavior with NOLOCK
Automate Generate Scripts in SSMS
Invoke-Sqlcmd vs sqlcmd utility
Change Select Top 1000 Rows value in SSMS
Change The SQL Server Port Number
Change Edit Top 200 Rows value in SSMS
Import dbase (dbf) Files using SQL Server.
Sending Email to Different Domains using SQL Server
SQL Server Upgrade Issues
SQL Server Agent job syspolicy_purge_history is failing in the cluster environment.
SQL Agent job getting suspended.
Queries which include DMFs return a syntax error
Could not find stored procedure ‘dbo.sp_MSins_dboTest’
How to change server name when replication is enabled.
Setting Up Data And Log Files For SQL Server
Will Check Constraints Improve Database Performance?
The Excel Connection Manager is not supported in the 64-bit version of SSIS
Is there a difference between fill factor 0 and 100
Saving changes is not permitted. The changes that you have made require the following tables to be dropped and re-created.
Remove a Node From a SQL Server 2008 Cluster
Report Builder Fails to Launch
Error when Inserting data to Replicated Databases
How to Perform Multiple lookups to the same table
How to run SQL Profiler without sysadmin rights?
How to import an Excel file which has columns with more than 255 characters to SQL Server using SSIS?
How to Manually Uninstall SQL Server 2005
How to uninstall SQL Server 2005 manually
How to send a SSRS report from SSIS?
Is it possible to create Functional Index in SQL Server?
How to alter a User Defined Data Type?
How Send the SSRS Report from SSIS?
How to alter a User Defined Data Type?
How to view previous query plans?
Database Mirroring Transport is disabled in the endpoint configuration
Cannot Start SQL Server Service
Errors when SQL Server Snapshot Replication is Running
Error messages when you try to process a database or a cube in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services: “The attribute key cannot be found” and “The record was skipped because the attribute key was not found”
Database Mirror Certificate Expired
How to replicate more than 256 articles in Merge Replication?
SQL Server 2005 – clients using native client, should clients be upgrade as well
Error When Configuring SSRS Database
How to Configure Multiple SQL Server Reporting Service Instances on the Same Computer
How to Access a Map Drive from SSIS ?
How can I force SQL Server 2005 logins to change their passwords periodically?
What permission does the user need to run PROFILER in SQL Server 2005?
How can I drop all the instances attached to one Database?
In SQL Server 2005 how to determine the role memberships and the permissions associated with login yy?
Using SQL Server 2005 how to find a user or login that has the db_owner role in any database?
How to resolve SQL Server Management Studio error: ‘Could not load file or assembly ‘SqlManagerUI …’?
IN SQL Server 2005, how do I backup the sys.asymmetric_keys and sys.symmetric_keys tables?
For optimum security, is it recommended to use a single domain account the SQL Server instances in a network?
What is the best way to test the upgrade process from SQL Server 7.0 or 2000 to SQL Server 2005, before I perform the actual upgrade?
In SQL Server 2005, when I’m trying to open the Database Maintenance Wizard, I get an error message telling me that “Agent XPs” are not running. How can I resolve this problem, and what are “Agent XPs?”
What is the purpose of the Surface Area Configuration Tool in SQL Server 2005?
How can I enable xp-cmdshell on a SQL Server 2005 instance?
Is it possible to set the database name in advance when deploying client database with an installer option?
How do I get the taskpad view in SQL Server Management Studio as it was in SQL Server 2000 version?
Unable to install Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2005 version.
DTS package error “Cannot find specified package in the storage location specified”.
How to get resource usage of an executing query in SQL Server without using SYSMON/PERFMON utility?
Can I downgrade my SQL Server databases to an earlier version?
Why do I get an unordered resultset, although my table has a clustered index?
Should we automatically reboot our SQL Servers on a weekly basis?
How do you get rid of users that are already in the database on the backup server when a restore starts?
Can you provide the scripts that you use to transfer (copy) logins from a primary server to a secondary server?

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