How To Configure SQL Mail to Work With GroupWise


This document walks through how to configure SQL Mail for Microsoft SQL Server to work with Novell GroupWise. For the purpose of this document I will refer to the user account as sqluser and the password as sqlpassword.


You should have both Microsoft SQL Server and GroupWise installed.


There are four main steps to setting up your SQL Server to work with Novell GroupWise.

1. User Setup

You will need to create a [specific user] sqluser who has three accounts – a Novell Login, Novell GroupWise Login, and Windows Login. Make sure that all three are the same name and password. For example: I use sqluser with sqlpassword for all three. Make sure that sqluser is a part of the Administrators group under windows.

Note: After finishing this step you must login under your new account for the remaining steps.

2. Service Setup

Change both the MSSQLSERVER and SQLSERVERAGENT services to use the .sqluser account and password.

3. Mail Setup

Make sure you are logged in under sqluser otherwise your mail settings will be incorrect. Open the Mail applet in the Control Panel. You should already have a Novell Default Settings profile. Under properties you will see a list of services associated with the profile. Select Novell GroupWise Message Store and view the properties.

Modify the following fields in the Message Store Configuration.

GroupWise Userid: [user]
example: sqluser GroupWise Command Line: /@u-[user] /pwd-[password] /ipa-[ip address] /ipp-[ip port]
example: /@u-sqluser /pwd-sqlpassword /ipa- /ipp-1678

Note: TCP/IP address and TCP/IP port are listed under about GroupWise in the help menu of the client.

4. SQL Server Setup

In Enterprise Manager select Support Services and view Properties. Make sure Profile Name has Novell Default Settings selected and click Test. SQL Server should return a message “Successfully started (and stopped) a MAPI session with this profile”.

Note: If Enterprise Manager hangs, see the troubleshooting section.

Under Management, view the Properties for SQL Server Agent. Service Startup Account Section should have .sqluser and sqlpassword filled in. If Mail Session is grayed out it is because your SQL Server Agent Service is not started, make sure to start it and come back to the properties window. Mail profile should have Novell Default Settings selected. It will ask if the SQL Server Agent Service can restart, click OK to restart the service.

Select the Operators section under SQL Server Agent. Create a New Operator, if your Novell Default Settings profile had the Novell GroupWise Address Book listed under its service you will be able to use the addressbook at this point to look up emails. You can choose to select the user from the addressbook or you can simply type in an email address on the line. Once you have a email address click the Test button. It will ask you to confirm your test. Click OK. You should now see “The message was sent successfully.”

Congratulations SQL Mail now works!


Test Hangs SQL Server Since Microsoft SQL Server runs as a service, it connects to Novell GroupWise through a “hidden” virtual desktop. This can have the effect of making it look like SQL Server is hung when the GroupWise initialization prompts for additional information such as the user’s password. If this occurs, the most likely problem is your Command Line settings. Make sure you didn’t have a typo or incorrect settings.

To test your command line goto Windows Command Line and type the following example.

Windows Command Line: grpwise.exe [command line]
example: c:novellgroupwisegrpwise.exe /@u-sqluser /pwd-sqlpassword /ipa- /ipp-1678

Note: If GroupWise loads without prompting for additional information then your command line is correct.


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