How To Configure SQL Mail to Work With GroupWise

Test Fails to Send Email to Operator

The test button seems to ignore the selected profile under SQL Server Agent and instead operates against the default MAPI profile. It may be necessary to set the selected profile as the default profile. This is not an issue if you only have the Novell Default Settings profile.

No Address Book for Operators

The most likely problem is that you do not have Novell GroupWise Address Book service setup for the Novell Default Settings mail profile.

Mail Session is Grayed Out

SQL Server Agent service is not running. Once you start the service you should be able to return to the properties and change the mail session.

SQL Mail has an Empty Profile List

What is happening is SQL Server looks at the mail settings for the user associated with MSSQLSERVER service. If you have local system account set for the user to run the service, it will not know what mail settings to use. Another reason could be that when you setup your mail profile you were not logged in to windows under your sqluser account and the changes where associated to the incorrect user. Make sure that sqluser is set to run the MSSQLSERVER service. Once both the mail profile and MSSQLSERVER service are set to run with sqluser you should see the profiles listed again under SQL MAIL.

Your Problem is Not Listed

If you are unable to find the error you are having, or have run into another error you have solved, please feel free to email me at chris dot shepherd at gmail dot com and I would be happy to answer any questions and / or update this documenta


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