ApexSQL Clean: Impact Analysis and Graphical Dependency Viewer tool

Since I don’t have Visual Studio installed in the Virtual Machine which I use for my reviews, I deliberately plug in here a screenshot from the ApexSQL Clean Online manual to show you the last page of the Dependency Analysis Wizard that lets you select source code files of client application to be included in the analysis. If you want to make sure that you don’t miss a single source code file, you might want to add the whole Visual Studio project/solution to your analysis and let ApexSQL Clean automatically analyse all included source code files.

Now you’re through with the Dependency Analysis Wizard and a last mouse-click on “Analyze” would let ApexSQL Clean go to work and do its magic. Depending on how many objects there are in database and what should be analysed it might take some moments until the initial analysis is done and the results are displayed in the main application window.

Now, since this is a newly created project, we should save it now before going any further:

ApexSQL Clean stores all information required by a project in a file with an .axcl extension, which is actually nothing else but an xml file with a different extension.


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