ApexSQL Clean: Impact Analysis and Graphical Dependency Viewer tool

The last page of the wizard let’s you choose how its output should be processed. Typically you choose among the first two options. The last option actually is the second point I would have solved differently. From my point of view, only people living of the wild side of life would choose to execute the output directly against the database. No matter, if in test or production environment. Usually you would write the output to a file, test the script then in a development environment and after successfully testing in that environment you would apply the script to the production database. Being able to directly execute the output against a database, bears in my opinion the risk, that some people might make use of this option too quickly without being fully aware of the consequences. I know that you can not be sure, that those people are fully aware of the consequences when they see the commands in a script line either, but I might just be a little bit too paranoid in that respect.

Anyway, here’s what the final script will look like:

As you can see, I obviously didn’t enter anything in the author option, but I hope you will do so, when you decide to use the tool.

Reporting and Exporting

One of the must-haves for software like ApexSQL Clean is the ability to report on the information and export it.

ApexSQL Clean creates its reports in HTML format and displays them in your default browser:


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