DTS package error "Cannot find specified package in the storage location specified".

When a user attempts to execute a DTS package that has ‘spaces’ this will fail with the error “Cannot find specified package in the storage location specified”.

The text of the error looks like  a problem with the path, which is partially correct. Also, the DBA must check the privileges for SQLAgent login context if the package is scheduled to execute. The root cause of this issue in SQL Server 2000 is that a DTS package can be saved with trailing spaces. When this DTS package is executed from the GUI it will complete successfly, however,  it will fail when it is scheduled or using DTSRUN because those APIs do truncate the space.

For example, in the development environment it might be completed successfully during the execution and it might fail in the production environment as the package will be scheduled or executed on demand. The key to resolving this problem is to check the difference between the DTS package in production and development environment.

Tip: It is worth to checking the naming convention on the msd.dbo.sysdtspackages table with the package name to ensure they match.


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