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SQL Sentry


$2,995 SQL Server and Windows Task Scheduler, Quick Start 5 Pack1

$5,990 SQL Server and Windows Task Scheduler, Quick Start 10 Pack1

$995 SQL Server License2

$199 Maintenance, SQL Server License2

1. The first year annual software maintenance is included in all Quick Start Packs.
2. The first year annual software maintenance is required with license purchase.

See SQL Sentry Event Manager Pricing for the latest prices.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Server (SQL Server and Oracle) Event Administration
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Event Chaining and Queuing
  • Alerting for Different Sources and Different Conditions


SQL Sentry is an award-winning solution for day-to-day management of SQL Server jobs. With the introduction of SQL Server 2005, SQL Sentry has undergone major changes, including a name change. It is now called SQL Sentry Event Manager. In addition to supporting SQL Server 2005, Event Manager now supports Oracle 8i, 9i, and 10g in one console. This article reviews version 3.0. (Read reviews of earlier versions: 2.5 and 2.7). Version 3.1, just released, adds SSIS support.

Key Benefits of SQL Sentry Event Manager

  • Monitor and manage SQL Server and Oracle scheduled jobs effectively and efficiently.
  • Take action in advance using the Event Manager alert system.
  • Monitor and manage Windows scheduled tasks such as backup, defragment, and antivirus as well as Reporting Services reports and DTS packages.


Architecture is essential to the operation of SQL Sentry Event Manager, as it is suppose to have a positive impact on your server’s performance.

Event Manager has three main utilities: SQL Sentry Console, SQL Sentry Database, and SQL Sentry Server.

The SQL Sentry Console allows all the DBAs in an enterprise to connect to multiple Event Manager installations.

Event Manager utilizes a single SQL Server database to store collected job and performance data, as well as configuration information.

The SQL Sentry Server is a Windows service that handles various responsibilities, including monitoring job status and performance, generating reliable notifications, and actively collecting job history data.


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