Save Time (and Money) With SQL Sentry Event Manager


Reporting is essential in a monitoring tool. SQL Sentry Event manager uses the Reporting Services of SQL Server 2005 to cater reporting functionalities to you. The following reports are available with sorting, filtering, printing, and exporting features.

  • Active Setting List
  • Configured Action List
  • Configured Notification List
  • Current Failures
  • Management Summary
  • Performance Monitors List
  • Watched Object Summary

Return on Investment (ROI)

From a financial point of view, you need to confirm what your investment in SQL Sentry Event manager is worth. You can do this on SQL Sentry’s Web site. You need to enter five parameters as shown in the figure below.

I entered the parameters for my enterprise. We have two DBAs and four SQL Servers. We spend one hour each for of the last three parameters. The figure below shows the results we received.

Amazingly, the payback period is just 0.9 months. These calculations were based on labor costs in the United States, but you can imagine the money you will save elsewhere.


SQL Sentry Event Manager is easy to install, use, and administer. The average SQL Server DBA will benefit greatly from using this tool. Since the product uses database logs instead of triggers to obtain information, and stores data in its own database, it will not put an unbearable strain on the performance of your servers.

I highly recommend Event Manager. It is a very effective SQL Server monitoring tool. To see what this tool can do for you and your enterprise, I suggest you go to the SQL Sentry Web site and download a trial copy for yourself.


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