Idera SQL Change Manager

View Schema History

SQL change manager keeps snapshots of database schema — giving you an excellent version control tool.

Just double-click on any entry in the list to bring up the “Browse Schema” dialog box.

Management Plans

Finally, I would like to point out the Management Plans capabilities of Idera SQL change manager, which I find extremely useful. When you switch to the “Management Plan” group in the tree pane, you will see that the view pane is split into the actual plan section above and the execution history section below.

With just a right-click on each plan, you can execute it immediately.

Once the execution has finished, a row is written to the history table and the execution history is refreshed to show the most recent state.

Now I’d like to show you a hidden treasure in SQL change manager starting with a screenshot from an existing plan.

You can make a “copy” of any existing plan simply by clicking on the “Save As” button. This will be a very useful feature in cases where you have many plans that differ only slightly from each other, especially synchronization plans that have many settings. Search and comparison is prone to errors when done step-by-step each time. With SQL change manager, you can create a “master plan” and copy it every time you need a new one. This makes search and comparison easier and saves a great deal of time!


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