Idera SQL Change Manager


Roll-out is undoubtedly one of the most interesting features of SQL change manager.

With the Roll-out task, you can:

  • Roll out new objects to databases
  • Roll out changed objects to databases
  • Roll out entire database schemas
  • Create new databases from a source schema

Imagine the possibilities for that functionality! But it gets even better…

As you can see, you chose the source schema you want to roll-out. This can be a schema from a live database or a snapshot. You can quickly roll-out changes from a development database to live databases, and, if anything is wrong with a roll-out, you can quickly restore back to the original state. Just make sure you’ve taken a snapshot before you’ve executed the roll-out.

Just like you can take a snapshot from databases located on different servers, you can also roll-out to multiple databases on different servers at the same time.


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