Idera SQL Change Manager

The typical installation sets up all three components on the same server. That is what I did in my environment.

The rest of the installation process is straightforward. I chose to install all components, so I had to provide the name of the instance of SQL Server on which the SQL change manager Repository Database should be created. Just select the name from the dropdown list or click on the “Browse” button to choose a server not listed in the dropdown list.

Since the server component of Idera SQL change manager installs itself as a Windows service, think about the account that this service will run under. This account must have local administrator privileges on the computer hosting the service and must be a member of the sysadmin role on the SQL Server instance that is about to be managed.

Once you have provided all necessary information, the setup will allow you to test your installation before actually using the software. It will try to connect to the service and the SQL Server. If everything is okay, you’re ready to explore Idera SQL change manager.

Before you start to wonder, I am using Windows 2003 Server RC 2 for this paper. And I am aware that you typically won’t enable this service for graphic themes support on a production server. But this isn’t a production server and these screenshots simply look nicer using this “modern” design.

Having said that, here are the system requirements for Idera SQL change manager:


MDAC 2.8 (or higher)
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (or higher)
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (or higher)

Operating System:

Windows 2000 server
Windows 2003 server
Windows XP (Console only)
Windows 2000 (Console only)


2 GHz or faster. At least 1 GHz for the Console only.


2 GB or more. At least 1 GB for the Console only.

Hard Disk Drive Space:

32 MB for the application. 30 MB (initially) for the Repository database.

As I’ve mentioned above, for this paper I’m using a Windows 2003 Server RC 2 with all the latest patches applied and SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition with SP1.

Some of the software prerequisites, such as the .NET 2.0 framework and MDAC are included in the download. So, if they aren’t already installed on a machine, they will be installed by the Idera SQL change manager setup program.

For the latest pricing information and/or licensing questions, check out the product homepage at


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