Idera SQL Change Manager


Last, but not least, SQL change manager offers reporting on its activities.

Here is a list of all currently available reports.

All reports look similar in layout. Above, you can see an example of such a report.

You can view, print, or save the reports in .xls and .pdf formats. XLS is especially helpful when you need to create color charts, while PDF is handy for emails and to ensure that the report can be easily read.


Idera SQL change manager provides the following key features:

  1. Compare and synchronize structural differences between SQL Server data sources.
  2. Compliance monitoring.
  3. Version control.
  4. Object-level restore and recovery.
  5. Automated execution of all its tasks via Management Plans.


  1. No additional objects added to SQL Server system databases.
  2. Well designed user interface without any unnecessary visual elements.
  3. Easy and intuitive to use.
  4. Fast and reliable even on larger databases.
  5. SQL Server 2005 ready.


  1. The built-in reports are basic.
  2. Quite expensive.


Business continuity is at the heart of any business. SQL Server change management is a small, but important part in that picture for businesses of all sizes that rely on Microsoft SQL Server. Idera SQL change manager is a highly specialized tool that efficiently assists the database administrator in all aspects of SQL Server change management. It reduces time and cost associated with change management and, at the same time, increases the safety and security of the process itself. This combination alone makes the tool worthwhile. If you are planning to buy such a tool, make sure you visit the products’ homepage, download the trial version and test it in your environment. It may very well be that you don’t need to search any further.


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