Idera SQL Change Manager

I started with one simple table on the dev database. I then used the following scripts to test out the functionality of the product. If you download a trial version, you can use these same scripts to test for yourself:

  1. Script #1 will create two databases and will create 10,000 objects (including tables, views, stored procedures and more) in one of these databases. You can then synchronize the databases. You’ll find that the software is able to handle large databases well. It can also handle databases with many objects. It may take longer to synchronize the databases, but that is to be expected.
  2. Script #2 randomly selects objects of each type and makes modifications to the objects so that you can test out the ability of SQL change manager to pinpoint differences between the two databases.

Compare & Synchronize a database

To start the comparison process you just click on the “Compare & Synchronize” link in the screenshot above.

As you can see, this will launch a Wizard that guides you through the rest of the process. As you work with Idera SQL change manager, you’ll realize that all of the important operations are wizard-driven, which makes the software easy to use.

The first step in any comparison process is to decide what should be compared. As the above screenshots show, you can choose to compare two live databases or run the comparison between a live database and a previously captured schema snapshot stored in the Repository database.

After you decide on the source and the target of the comparison, the next step is to select the database object types that should included in the comparison. Above, see a list of all the different object types that can be compared and synchronized. This screenshot also demonstrates that SQL change manager is SQL Server 2005 ready and supports all the new object types of SQL Server 2005.


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